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Catalin from Germany 15.05.2016
Welcome back on 6095KHz
Elburn DX from Chicago USA 15.05.2016
Great show!
Jared Harrison from Elmira, NY USA 15.05.2016
Hoping we can keep the SW alive... ---Jared Harrison
Steve Acree from Richmond, VA. USA 04.05.2016
Big fan of your shortwave broadcast.
René from The Neterlands / Hoogwoud 02.05.2016
Icom 7300 perfecte ontvangst
Alex from Massachusetts, United States 01.05.2016
One of my tube sets that I listen to KBC on from across the pond. Thanks for the great music!
Victor from Russia 25.04.2016
Thank you for shortwave transmission! Listen here on this antique radio https://yadi.sk/d/rcyonG-JrEnTp
Bob from Turnhout Belgium 17.04.2016
Love KBC
Roberto from Holland 17.04.2016
big signal , great ship ! keep up the good work guy,s !
Michal Czabajski from Poland 17.04.2016
Thank You for short wave broadcast. I listen to you on Sundays mornings - with still the same old and exceptinal radio and I can hear the same exceptionally good music programm - exact copy. Pity that condition of reception are worse then then. Wish you all best.
Ernst-jan ter hoeve from Holland 17.04.2016
Radio becker,type r15br.made in Holland.
Rolf from Neteherlands 17.04.2016
Great to hear the 6095 again !! Blast out here in the Netherlands!
Cees Roos from The Netherlands 17.04.2016
Enjoying the good music at 1602AM on my TS480 73 PA3GAT
Bernie, DL5RDP from Bavaria 02.04.2016
KBC blasting into southern Bavaria on my AR-88! The radio is twice as old as the operator. 73s Bernie
Simon from West Midlands, United Kingdom 27.03.2016
The Mighty KBC, SUCH A SHAME the 6095KHZ broadcast ending today, always enjoyed listening on my old valve radio, real radio the good old fashioned way, transmitter to aerial, over land and sea. Thanks too for introducing me to great music, Little Big Town, Band Perry etc etc Hopefully catch you on the airwaves again soon.....Simon, Shortwave Listener
Roger from Braintree, Essex, UK 27.03.2016
Nice signal into the UK - +40db on a vertical antenna tuned for 40m
Dieter from Germany 24.03.2016
I heart your program on March 20th, 2016 on 6095 kHz. Because of using a rod antenna there was many interference and fading. Like your station.
JD from Bourtange NLD 20.03.2016
Just fixed this radio, and it's receiving you really good now. Thanks for keeping the shortwave radio listening alive.
Adrian Straub from Wuppertal, Germany 20.03.2016
Listening to your program every Sunday on my Granddad's old Grundig
Willem Vleer from Amsterdam 13.03.2016
Very loud...
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