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Chirpy from Colchester 16.08.2010
Some of the Big L Deejays facing the camera at the Big L Party at Rollerworld, Saturday 14th August. From left to right - Back Row: Chris Byland, Tony Nugus, Paul Spindley, Julian Bright, Mike Wilson, Steve Collett, Eric van Willegen, Simon Davis and Roger Davis. Front Row: Rob Shaw, Chirpy, Chloé Stanton, Kev Reed and Phil Troll. Photos courtesy of Dave Byford: Rollerworld Skaters (Colchester) group on Facebook. More Party pics can be seen here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2067649&id=1049913758&l=737276c698
Chirpy from Colchester 16.08.2010
Meet the Big L deejays (some of them anyway) at the Big L Party at Rollerworld on 14th August. From left to right - Back Row: Chris Byland, Julian Bright, Eric van Willegen, Phil Troll, Steve Collett, Kev Reed, Chloé Stanton, Paul Spindley and Roger Davis. Front Row: Tony Nugus, Simon Davis, Chirpy, Mike Wilson and Rob Shaw.
Rob from Nottingham 16.08.2010
Some of the Big L jocks happy to let Chirpy do the work.
Ernesto from Netherlands 15.08.2010
Normally working Freelance for another radio station but when there is time over I always tune in to 1395AM. Whith Regards Ernesto.
Rich from Victoria, Australia 27.07.2010
Catching a "big one" as well as some cool vibes from Chirpy on an oil platform in the Bass Straight, Australia.
Kev Reed from Big L Norwich Studio! 26.07.2010
Where's me headphones gone???
Simon Davis from Big L 1395 24.07.2010
My Daughters Bethany and Charlotte helping in the studio :)
Debbs from So. California, USA 20.07.2010
Listening to the Chirpy Show.
Mike from Manchester UK 12.06.2010
Waiting for the Ferry from Kirkwall int Orkneys to Aberdeen..browsing the AM Found Ya...brings back the memories of Arrow on 675.....Lazer 558....And Caroline 558/963/././bring back the good days...not fogetting "the station of the 80s" Raio Luxembourg 208MW....
Dieter Sommer from Eisleben - Germany 27.05.2010
Big L 1395 ...it's my favorite station on medium wave.
Captain of the MV Babulka from Lithuania 12.05.2010
Did you find my radioship? Last time I left it at the baltic Sea.
Charlie from Kreuznach, Rhineland-Palatinate, FRG 30.04.2010
Mooie site!!!
André from Netherlands 28.04.2010
Cool WebSite! Greetz from André/CoolAM OHR Radio (Offshore History Radio) www.coolam.nl "1395 Keeps t'MediumWave A-Life!"
Listener from somewhere on the Continent 28.04.2010
happy listening to 1395 AM
MRF ( Ernesto ) from Netherlands 28.04.2010
Nice site folks. Keep on listening to 1395 AM. www.am-forum.eu With Regards Ernesto.
Arvy Bakker from Near Amsterdam, The Netherlands 27.04.2010
Big L International 1395 blasting out of my speaker on AM 1395 kHz!! With a K-PO WR2100 of course! Tune it to the best now.
Simon Davis from Wales 27.04.2010
Ahhh a desk job..
alec from Munich 27.04.2010
even the colors fit :-)
Oliver from Köln 16.04.2010
This is a very cool site
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