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henny vleerlaag from wervershoof 20.09.2016
Falk from Sachsen 19.09.2016
My collection. Greetings from Saxony
Giovanni from North Italy 18.09.2016
18/09/2016... the Mighty KBC has reappeared, though a little bit weak with some fading and interferences. Listened for the first time tonight 00 - 02 UTC, with the little brand new BOSCH Calais USB 80, that comes from the K-PO store. The radio works very well. Greetings to Eric & Ian van Willegen from Italy.
Roel Pot from Nederland Drachten 18.09.2016
Radioshack bij me thuis en welke ik regelmatig opstuur als ontvangst bevestiging. Ook KBC Radio goede ontvangst.
Max Berger from Dessau-Ro▀lau; Germany 25.08.2016
"The mighty KBC" antenna on 6095 kHz in Nauen. (15.5.2016)
Rene from Hoogwoud, Netherlands 13.08.2016
Ook hier weer goede ontvangst op dit oude beestje
Giuseppe from Ponza Island 09.08.2016
Great KBC...Great Music...forever short wawe.
Alex from Florida, USA 07.08.2016
Blasting the ether
Scott Reid (N5XTC) from Hampton, Virginia USA 20.07.2016
My shack where I always listen to the Mighty KBC. 73. Scott http://www.qrz.com/db/N5XTC
henk from holland 17.07.2016
goede muziek op de 1602 am ga zo door
Yuriy from Ukraine, Zaporishya 19.06.2016
Your radio is one of the best in the world!
Max Berger from Dessau-Ro▀lau 12.06.2016
Backstage: On 15.5.16 we made a "Mightay KBC Video" next to the Transmitter in Nauen.
Max Berger from Dessau-Ro▀lau 12.06.2016
We haer you at the 15.5.16 near to Beelitz when Eric says our names in German
Catalin from Germany 15.05.2016
Welcome back on 6095KHz
Elburn DX from Chicago USA 15.05.2016
Great show!
Jared Harrison from Elmira, NY USA 15.05.2016
Hoping we can keep the SW alive... ---Jared Harrison
Steve Acree from Richmond, VA. USA 04.05.2016
Big fan of your shortwave broadcast.
RenÚ from The Neterlands / Hoogwoud 02.05.2016
Icom 7300 perfecte ontvangst
Alex from Massachusetts, United States 01.05.2016
One of my tube sets that I listen to KBC on from across the pond. Thanks for the great music!
Victor from Russia 25.04.2016
Thank you for shortwave transmission! Listen here on this antique radio https://yadi.sk/d/rcyonG-JrEnTp
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