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George from Oldenburg in Germany 09.10.2012
I like your activities very much, keep on. George
Giovanni from North Italy 29.09.2012
Landscape of my country. The best site for listening the MIGHTY K.B.C saturday & sunday. Greetings from Italy! Giovanni
Jan Oosterveen from Heerde(Netherlands) 31.08.2012
Power cabinet of transmitter 13. It transforms the 100000 Volts high tension delivered by the electricity supplier to 25000 volts used in the transmitter.
Jan Oosterveen from Heerde(Netherlands) 31.08.2012
Computer screen in the Wertachtal control room. Here all the options for 6095 kHz are displayed.
Jan Oosterveen from Heerde(Netherlands) 31.08.2012
Tube from the final stage of transmitter 13. It was changed because it broke down due to overheating which was caused by non functioning cooling fans. The pipes on top are used to pump water in the tubes for cooling. This TH555 is from Thomson is used in the 100 kW transmitters while the TH558 which is bigger is used in the 500 kW transmitter in Wertachtal. They have a lot of these tubes is store because the TH555 and TH558 after reconditioning are sent to Wertachtal for testing. Wertachtal serves as a testing site for Thomson.
Jan Oosterveen from Heerde(Netherlands) 31.08.2012
Transmitter number 13 . It is a 100 kW Telefunken S 4001 transmitter built by Transradio Berlin. It is capable of DAM and PDM modulation. This is the transmitter used for KBC. The transmitter is in use since 2010 when this one was obtained from the Juelich transmittersite which was then demolished.
Jan Oosterveen from Heerde (Netherlands) 31.08.2012
Transmitter number 13 is used by KBC. Here it's me together with Wertachtal station manager Mr. Walter Neumann in front of the Tranny
Jan Oosterveen from Heerde (Netherlands) 31.08.2012
The antenna matrix switch of transmitter 13. This switch puts the transmitter output to the antenna. In this room there are about 1250 switches. With the switch one can connect 1 of the 16 transmitter to 1 on 74 antennas and 8 artificial antennas.
Jan Oosterveen from Heerde (Netherlands) 31.08.2012
Antenna 314 in Wertachtal. This is the KBC 6095 kHz antenna. It gives a boost of about 9 dB to the signal of the 100 kW transmitter.
alec from MUC 06.02.2012
BigL street advert
MaryAnn from Chicago 01.10.2011
Good luck Eric, Roger and to everyone for the success of the 1395 testing.
M. A. 29.07.2011
Abraham from Mexico 23.07.2011
Hi, I'm Abraham. I Love BIGl and Listen ONLINE all Day!!! A greeting for Chloe Stanton has a beautiful voice,besides being beautiful!!! Bye!! Good Luck!!
paul Ciesielski from Bordeaux (France) 29.05.2011
More, more and more music,from a radioship....
paul Ciesielski from Bordeaux (France) 29.05.2011
Here,in South west of France,i listen Big L via Internet.
paul ciesielski from Hourtin(near Bordeaux) France 29.05.2011
That's a real pleasure to listen Big L......
MaryAnn from Chicago 19.05.2011
I asked Eric what he wanted for his birthday and he told me he wanted to be Elvis, lol Happy BIGLVIS Birthday Eric!
Kev Reed from The Norwich Studio 28.02.2011
Jack & Harry (the little candles)from Griffithstown, South Wales with their Big L badges.
Power Country Fm from Australia 23.02.2011
We love your station...great music
RNI2020 from Outerspace 05.02.2011
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