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Du'ane pettitt from Royal berkshire uk 09.03.2014
Nice to hear your station enjoying the show blesses
Richard Cooke from Chidham Chichester West Sussex UK 01.02.2014
I just love "The Big Juke Box on 6095 Am as a 67 year old radio broadcaster this is just up my street Keep the faith & rock on Richard Cooke.
David Harber from Andover 18.01.2014
Enjoying listening to Rock n Roll. Don't get much on UK radio anymore. Looking forward to hearing Rosko!!!
Peter from Switzerland (Bern) 05.01.2014
I listen to the 6095 kHz whenever i can, with my selfmade audion built into a Masteradio D111 case.
Kenny Whetstone from Sarasota 05.01.2014
Unbelieveable by EMF on 7375! Oh Yes! On the Tecsun PL660 with just the whip... Nice to hear real music on shortwave!
dear how r you and ur whole staff.i m very fond of and intrested in foreign radio stations .today i am very happy to see your radio page . it is decorated with news all over the world attractive pictures galuary. thanks a lot particapate in your beautyful vally of information and knowledge . i am very thanks ful to you,
Zahoor Ahmed Solangi from Islamabad 30.12.2013
This picture was taken during hiking in Margalla Hills
Anto from North Italy 28.12.2013
Very nice signal, and wonderful music here in North Italy.
Falk from Saxonia, Dippoldiswalde 28.12.2013
Ich höre 6095 kHz auf einem Capri 6401 St.
I like radio KBC.
I like radio KBC.
Mike L from Brighton UK 21.12.2013
Just like the old days listening to Radio Luxemburg through the fading signals. Great memories and brings it all back. Go Vinyl and The Mighty 6095
Babul Gupta from Barasat, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. 17.12.2013
I'm a longtime shortwave listener, and live in Barasat which is about 29 km from Kolkata. I like your program format and various music styles but very sorry to let you know that its very difficult to received your broadcast here in my QTH. I'll be much appreciated if you can change your broadcast time to enable us to tune to your Mighty KBC regularly.
Ralf from Berlin, Germany 17.12.2013
AM is fun! I'm working with modern SDRs as well as my old BRAUN T-1000 from 1964. What a graet sound from KBC. Shortwave is! Greetings, Ralf
Lauris from Latvia 14.12.2013
Great shortwave radio station! Great signal in Latvia.
Vitaly from Ukraine 09.12.2013
Its my garage radio for 6095
George Tuck from North East England 07.12.2013
IC-775DSP of G4RNI A PROPER callsign!
Stéphan from France (Rambouillet) 29.11.2013
It's the second receiver, with an AOR LA380 antenna, perfect reception.
Stéphan from France (rambouillet) 29.11.2013
Last Week End, I listening KBC on two radio, the first is a Riga VEF-12 (USSR radio), and the second is a standard short wave receiver Alinco DX-R8. My location is 30km south/west Paris in France. Reception was good, even I have only a piece of wire on the USSR radio...
Volker from Sweden 26.11.2013
This is my shortwave receiver. It is a cheap DVB-T-USB-Dongle in combination with a simple homemade Up-Converter. All is connected to a computer. That's my newest way to receive KBC-Radio on shortwave in Sweden.
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