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Peter Bae from Mecklenburg, Nord-Deutschland 21.09.2014
Thank you for the good program, that's fun :)
Mark from Germany 21.09.2014
I really like KBC Radio!
Gery Stulz from Germany 20.09.2014
I love the mighty KBC
JF MAIRE from Strasbourg FRANCE 20.09.2014
Thank you KBC for bringing good sounds with a stong and clear signal on SW ; Hope you can do more air time in the future
PAOLO from ANZIO ROME ITALY 14.09.2014
now listen from 6095, very strong signal and best audio quality. Thanks Paolo IzØawg From central Italy
Anil Bali from Delhi 05.09.2014
This is a very rare photo but very precious.
Bruno from Neuwied Germany 23.08.2014
Strong Signal, Good tunes, ty for keep SW alive
Hammie Hammer from Scotland 23.08.2014
Nice relaxing and listening to the Mighty KBC, enjoying the music!
Bartosz from Poland 23.08.2014
Im Bartosz I listen to Mighty KBC every Saturday and Sunday on 6095 AM.
Ray DelValle from Bronx NY 10.08.2014
Heard KBC blasting through my Icom IC-R75 on Sunday, August 10, 2014 0115 UTC on 9925. I also use a Yaesu VR-5000 both radios are connected to a PARS End Fed SWL Antenna. Keep rocking KBC!
Kanwar Sandhu from Winnipeg, Canada 03.08.2014
I was out on the lake side and was trying to tune KBC on my portable radio.
Tomas Jetmar from Hohenmauth 02.08.2014
Listening to the Big Beach Radio Show on VEF 206.
Geir Laastad from Norway 02.07.2014
My cabin in Telemark, Norway where I first discovered The Mighty KBC at 6095, while I was tuning around with a Tecsun PL-880. Antenna is a RF-Systems Mk2 magnetic Longwire Antenna about 15 meters above ground. This QTH is total free from local man-made QRM and is great for shortwave listening.
Anders Hägg from Sweden 02.07.2014
Hello! Heres a piture of me at my radioshack. I got a SANGEAN ATS 909 and a 100 meters lonfgwire. Somethimes I use my olkd radiop från round mid 60-s- a LAFAYETTE HA 226. Here I am listening to The Mighty KBC. I enjoy it very much. A lot of good music and a very good signal in Örnsköldsvik in north of Sweden. About a 100 kilometers från the town of Umeå. The best to you all. Anders
Roger Thauer from Petersberg / Saxony-Anhalt 30.05.2014
“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful."
Martin from Rundfunkstadt Königswusterhausen 04.05.2014
Extra einen SDR angeschafft! Mit ohne Antenne 59 ufb !
Marc from Zwolle, The Netherlands 03.05.2014
Recently I installed Shortwave listening in my car, and 6095AM is strong and nice and easy to listen to. I have uploaded small movie on Youtube (look for CWQRP 6095AM) explaining little more about how it works. The equipment, Grundig G3 with audio 3.5mm connected to the Peugot 508 audio system, simply plug in. Antenna is a DIAMOND 505 Active antenna, plug DC box in cigarette plug. Antenna is mounted on a BIG FOOT MIDLAND BM140/PL-B, so it should also say on the car on the German high way. Almost no solder installation. I only had to make a BNC to 3.5mm converter cable with 1m RG174 to get the Grundig connected to the DIAMOND DC power supply. You find sponsors on this site that sell the stuff. 73, Good Luck Marc The Netherlands Zwolle
Jack Briggs from Penistone, Yorkshire, England 27.04.2014
Great listening today on 6095 kHz using my ancient FRG7700M. Rosko is still smoking hot.
DL4KE from Frechen - nr Cologne 06.04.2014
Left side actual station at the Opel-minivan, right most side the first hf mobil stn 30 years ago, an Atlas 210x and the nice Nissan Praire mini van with vy much place for ham equipment.
Henk Ruigrok from Diepenveen Netherlands 17.03.2014
Really great to hear Dutch stations on AM and BCL is still alive!Well since 1980 i'm dxing as a SWL/BCL but also i love digital modes on 27.245 usb like jt65,rtty,sstv and many more modes but there are not always stations cuz' of the changing propagation on the higher bands but on the lower bands just love to hear the MIGHTY on 6.095 Mhz so keep up the good work. 73 de PADX1(BCL CALL)& SWL NL-10704,HENK IN DIEPENVEEN,NETHERLANDS
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