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Alex from Germany 17.05.2017
view also my page: http://www.radio-world.de also your qsl Card is on the page. best regards, alex
Jared Harrison from Elmira, NY 14905 07.05.2017
Had to take apart my radio shack and replace my JRC NRD-515 and my outdoor longwire antenna with an Elad FDM-S2 SDR and a tiny 12" window antenna. But I can still pull-in the Might KBC! Here's last week's photo on 6145.
Marco from Hialeah,Florida 01.05.2017
Beautiful signal into Hialeah,Florida! Keep rocking Uncle Eric!
Sean McHenry from Columbus, Ohio, USA 30.04.2017
Keep on Rockin in the Free World!
Mike Bott from Westerville, Ohio USA 25.04.2017
Where I listen to The Mighty KBC at.
Mike Bott from Westerville, Ohio USA 24.04.2017
Dusty Springfield was one of my favorite artists growing up. Visited Henley-On-Thames last October and took this picture. Thanks Dave Mason for playing one of her songs last Saturday.
Michael from New Hampshire, USA 23.04.2017
Coming in nicely on 6145 kHz!
Giovanni from north Italy 16.04.2017
Saturday April 16, 2017 transmission on 9400 kHz from Bulgaria: so powerful that blow this little home made receiver. Never listened so POWERFUL! "Keep alive the short waves"!Greetings from Italy.
Eric from Ede 10.04.2017
Rex from Jonesboro, Georgia 22.01.2017
This is my 1947 Magnavox Radio console. I listen to KBC Saturday evenings using a 50ft. wire antenna.
Ivan Cholakov from Miami, FL 15.01.2017
Great signal into South Florida!
Gerry Rosam AE7KI / VK2APG from Monroe Tennessee USA 01.01.2017
excellent programming and S9 signal on 6145kHz tonight 1/1/2017 at 01:00utc
Leo from The Netherlands 25.12.2016
Using a rtl sdr dongle longwire 10 mtr.
I. Holshof from Wormer 25.12.2016
Great shortwave radio!
Joe from Daphne, Alabama U.S.A. 25.12.2016
Merry Christmas!
Giovanni from north Italy 25.12.2016
very strong your signal here today. Thank you for this great "Christmas day special broadcast shortwave radio show" welcome back on 6095 kHz. (an estimate of the signal could be 55545) Merry Christmas K.B.C.!
Gabry Rizzi (IV3MIR) 22.12.2016
Greetings to all and happy holidays!
Wild Bill Yonder from Rural New York 18.12.2016
Good signal
Gabriel Jaime Ochoa U. from Caldas, Antioquia, Colombia 11.12.2016
Good reception today Dec 11 00:40 UTC in my Icom 703. Caldas, Antioquia, Colombia
Kari Kallio from Lahti Finland 04.12.2016
This is a photo about from 1925-1927 - transmitter of Lahti Radiobbyists - before Yleisradio (Finnish Broadcasting Co.) - we reactivated the radio club in 90s in order to esteem a real pioneer radio history in this town! Kari Kallio Lahti Radiohobbyists since 1924
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